Delivering Peace of Mind Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device.

Remote & Portable Surveillance Solutions for Owners & Trainers

What are you missing?

Is your animal safe? Are they being properly cared for? Who has access? What is happening with your investment? Maybe it’s time, maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s sleep, maybe it’s money, but here’s the reality…

Uncertainty is costing you.

You no longer have to wonder what is happening with your investment at home or on the road. Lease a portable StallWatch Camera Kit and see what you’re missing.

StallWatch delivers peace of mind, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Designed for the Equine Industry

StallWatch is a completely portable video surveillance system created specifically for the equine industry. Founded by horsemen who saw a need for a camera system that could easily be moved from stall to stall or location to location, and allow remote viewing on a smartphone or tablet.

StallWatch is the first camera system that can be used in competitive environments, and other temporary locations, where high speed Internet and permanent installations are not available.

A Bigger Investment

As you well know, purchasing a horse is the smallest part of your investment.

How many times have you felt compelled to stay close to the barn (or right outside a stall) because you think a horse is about to foal or showing signs of colic? Perhaps you have arrived at the barn in the  morning only to find a swollen hock or lacerated eyelid? How much time could you save and how many mysteries could you solve if you had a system that gave you an eye in the barn at any given time?

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“The New York Racing Association utilized StallWatch at the Belmont Stakes and again at the 150th anniversary season at Saratoga Race Course. The safety of the horses is of the utmost importance to us.”

Eric WingFormer New York Racing Association Director of Communications & Media Relations

“I have installed a system in my aisle at the farm and I have a system to go on the road. Service has been excellent and as important is the 24/7 view of my horses, my customers’ horses and equipment. It is a great addition to the great care Telluride provides.”

Diane CarneyUSEF R Licensed OAcial, Telluride Farm

“I love being able to monitor my barn and horses whenever I want or go back in my history and see what happened in the barn. The portability of the system and ease of set-up at shows makes it a deQnite asset to my operation.”

Brian WelmanBrian Welman Training Center

Keep your eyes on what matters most with StallWatch.